When an Expat in the Philippines needs to buy something he has to go to one of the many available shops or offices available in this country. When you need paint, you go to a paint shop, for food you go to the market or a supermarket and for a car you go to a dealer.
The level of customer service of the various shops varies a lot. Sometimes they accept a complaint, sometimes they do not even listen to you but also sometimes they do something without asking.

Somewhere in the middle of 2011 I bought a pair of new glasses, bifocals in a titanium frame. The material should be titanium because other materials change color, or react otherwise on heavy perspiring. Titanium has the advantage that it doesn’t have these annoying effects.
So when I bought the glasses last year I was satisfied with the service given, the speed of preparing the glasses and the friendly staff of the shop. Due to two different lenses of which one is very strong, it only took one week to have them fixed. After I got them, they fitted perfectly, and more important: I could see much better again.

About two months ago I noticed a little spot on the frame close to where it touches my nose. First I ignored it but later it has become larger and started to irritate me. Knowing customer satisfaction issues in the Philippines, I didn’t expect anything when I was in the neighborhood of the shop and decided to go there and ask about the problem.
Lucky for me, the optometrist attending me, was the very same as who sold me the glasses and she remembered me. No need to show the purchase slip, no need to explain a lot; she went to her office and came back after a few minutes with all my details. She listened to me, saw the problem and started looking for other frames in the displays.

To my surprise she wanted to change the frame immediately and at NO costs so I choose a new frame (exactly the same was not available anymore). It would take about an hour for the technician to do the job. So I went to my car first to get a pair of spare glasses which I always carry with me. I put them on and left my glasses in the shop. In the mean time Flor and I shopped a little more and eat some merienda in a small restaurant nearby. An hour later we went there again and my glasses were ready.

I promised the very friendly lady to publish this customer friendly approach on my website and advertise their shop.
The name of the organisation: The Optical Shop. Their website: Optical shop website. The place I went: Q-Plaza mall, Along Felix Avenue, or also called Imelda Avenue, opposite of Santa Lucia East mall, at the corner of Marcos High Way and Imelda Avenue.
A large Puregold supermarket, a McDo and a Mercury Drugstore are the largest landmarks here. Inside this shopping plaza is a small round square, at your left you will find the Optical Shop.
They have a large variety of frames from well-known brands and for affordable prices. The lenses are coming from different laboratories as well. And they also have nice sunglasses. AND THE SERVICE IS 100%

If you decide to go there, mention that you read about them on this website.