copyrights in the Philippines, a farce?

Filipinos like to copy everything. And they also do so, a lot. They are masters in copying names, change it a little or having the same concept as other companies.
There are lots of examples for it.

Have you heard about the hamburger store Mang Donald ? (doesn’t exist anymore because of a law suit from McD).
And there are many more examples like these.

The most famous fast food chain in the Philippines is Jollybee, competing with McDonald to be the largest of fast food restaurants in the Philippines. Jollybee also has some restaurants in a few other countries in Asia. They sell burgers (like McD is doing) but also deep fried chicken. They have a ‘Jolly Bee’ mascotte in or in front of every restaurant, just like the famous Ronald McDonald. Often they also have a playground for children, just like McD. In the Philippines Jollybee is a bigger company than McD. At the end of this post more about these two restaurants.


632Other restaurants are also the ‘victim’ of plagiarism. A fried chicken restaurant with a name looking like that from Kenny Rogers.


hurry-cutterThere is also a hairdresser named Hurry Cutter. The name is formed using the font type of the Harry Potter movies. And the name is also a little similar.


Or the bread shop : The Bread Pit. I wrote a post about this bread shop and about a Philippine comedian ‘Brod Pete’ earlier on this website. Check that story here


make-love-not-warThere are many pictures and stories which can be found on the Internet about the ‘fighting’ between Jollybee and McDonalds in the Philippines to try to lead the market in fast food. One of the funniest pictures I have found is the one here. A statue of Ronald McDonald and a person dressed in a Jollybee costume taking the same position on a bench. 
I also found this funny movie on you tube of a Jollybee dancing together with KFC chicken.

But the most funny copying in the Philippines I know of so far, is the man who named his eatery a combination of the two fighting Fast Food chains: McDollibee !! McMasarap !649

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  1. What about Walter Mart, very similar Wall Mart expect Filipinos never hire anyone over 3o years old or have greeters at the front door…security guards have to do that.

  2. There are Jollybee restaurants in California, U.S.A. My niece had her birthday party there. For some reason, she was fascinated by the Bee and kept following it around the restaurant.

    One time in a Philippine mall, I noticed a big store selling authorized versions of computer software. Right in front of it was a kiosk selling pirated copies of the same software that was 90% cheaper. Wow!

    • Opus,
      There are also a few in other Asian Countries.

      Selling pirated Cd’s and Dvd’s is common here. A music CD costs only around 20 pesos, a Dvd 30.
      But be careful, the quality is often very bad. And the latest software is also available pirated, but I do not trust it much. I prefer to download it myself.

  3. Actually business names would fall under trademark law, not copyright. Blatant disrespect for established trade names had been a “feature” in Philippine business for years, and nobody is doing anything about it. In the Philippines, protecting your trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights is your responsibility, not the government’s. So even if you sell counterfeit software in malls, your OK, unless the software creators file a case first.