I do not know if this only happens to Expats in the Philippines, but fortunately it is not our fault, it is a scheme! I am sure.
A conspiracy threatens us and it happens here and now, in every place, and all the time!

We, BABY BOOMERS, have to stop this immediately!

  • Did you notice that stairs have become steepish?
  • Shopping is getting heavier every week?
  • And distances getting larger?

I went to the barber shop yesterday, just around the corner but noticed that our street has become longer as well. Before it took me only 10 minutes to go there, now 15!
People also do not show some consideration for others anymore, especially the younger ones. They whisper all the time, and if you ask them to speak a little louder they keep on repeating their sayings until they get flushed with exertion. All you see is the movement of their lips.
What do they think? That I can read their lips?

I also have noticed that most people are much younger than I was at that age. On the other hand, most people of my age are looking much older than I do.
Recently I met an old friend and he has become that old that he didn’t recognize me anymore. I was thinking of him this morning while shaving in front of my mirror and looked at myself. Really, today’s mirrors are also not of the same standard as they were before; even mirrors cannot be trusted anymore!

And did you too notice that gravity has increased lately? I noticed it when I get up from my sofa yesterday.
In the streets, everybody is driving that fast these days. It’s almost risking your life if you turn on the high way in front of those youngsters. And when I see them in my rear view mirror, swerving from left to right heavily breaking, I am afraid that they need to have good brakes otherwise they might cause accidents one day.

Clothing manufacturers are also in the conspiracy. Why do they have to change the size numbers of clothing? Before my pants were a size 28, now 36. Do they think nobody notices?
Manufacturers of weighing scales are also acting strange. Do they think that I believe what they ‘show’ I am weighing? I never would want to weigh that much! Do those manufacturers think they can fool me? No, not me !!!

I had to call someone about all this, but even the telephone company is in the conspiracy. They have printed the numbers in the directory that small, nobody will be able to find any number anymore.

The only thing I can do is publish this on my website so everybody will get warned. So I am hoping that this will prevent other people to experience these terrible disgraceful practices.
I am using a larger font to write this because the letters on my screen seem to act strange as well….. They seem to be much smaller lately.