childfriendly-schoolI have always thought that schools were supposed to be friendly to children. Especially because children spend a lot of time in school and are getting educated, I think that they need to be treated like children. If, from a distance you see an announcement on a school building in the Philippines that they are a ‘child friendly school’, you might be puzzled and wondering why they have to announce such statement.
When I was travelling in Bicol on one of our holidays before our move to this country, I have seen these announcements already, but at that time were not able to take pictures. Lately I haven’t seen these announcements anymore until a few weeks ago when we were visiting friends in Bataan Province. There it was: an announcement that the local school was ‘child friendly’.
childfriendly-school-2My first thought is, when seeing something like this, that other schools might hit the children with sticks, or give them other corporal punishments when they misbehave and only this particular school doesn’t do that.
While discussing this subject with Flor in the car, she tried to convince me that my mind was crooked and she told me that I was thinking wrong about such announcement.
How wrong I could be by thinking of something like that. Corporal punishments are not allowed anymore, not in the US or Europe, but also not in the Philippines a long time. So what is the real reason for schools to announce such things?
childfriendly-school-3Luckily this school has made it clear to me: they have explained it on their wall in two side panels. From the road I couldn’t read it well, so I took pictures and enlarged them at home on my PC, and I am publishing them here for you to read.
Of course, in my heart I couldn’t believe that children are punished corporally. Filipinos love their children and wouldn’t allow a teacher to hurt the children.

You might have seen such announcements also when on a holiday in the Philippines or maybe you live near a school who have such announcements painted on their wall as well. I would like to know, and if you have pictures of it, just send them with your comment.