life in the Philippines

renovating our house

My wife Flor and I have decided not to move to an other place, but to stay in our rented house for some time. It is a two story house, single detached which is build some 25 years ago. The house has been renovated over the years and is doing fine to our standards. It(…)

buying a used car from a presidential candidate in the Philippines

In one of the usergroups of Yahoo (Filipino-American_Network usergroup) someone posted a nice overview of the Presidential Candidates for the coming Election in the Philippines. I am not much interested in the Philippine politics, but I follow this election a little. Read for yourself, I publish the complete article here: If you were buying a(…)

Comelec PNP checkpoints

We came back from Pioduran Albay on Sunday, January 10. We have been visiting family and celebrated the 95th birthday of my father-in-law and my own 60th birthday.

drinking in the Philippines

Having a party in the Philippines means drinking, aside from dancing, singing karaoke, and eating. Mostly men are drinking. I haven’t seen women drinking often. If they do: just moderately. Men like to drink untill they got drunk or even beyond. The procedure and ingredients:

birthday celebration in Pioduran #2

During the afternoon and evening we had contact with some nieces who are living in Holland through Yahoo Messenger. In this way they had the feeling that they were included in the party too.

birthday celebration in Pioduran

Last January 6, my father-in-law and myself were celebrating our birthday. Pay (as my father in law is called by us) was born in 1915 so he became 95. Myself I was born in 1950 and celebrated my 60th birthday on January 7. A big party was organized by my wife and her siblings.

Pioduran, Albay (Bicol)

This post I am writing directly from Pioduran Albay. The hometown of my in-laws. This is the place where my father-in-law lives with his youngest daughter and her family. It’s also the place where we are staying right now.

my birthday celebration

Today, 60 years ago, I decided to leave my mothers womb and started to explore this world. Looking back at those 60 years, I regret the fact that I didn’t move to the Philippines earlier. I will celebrate my birthday in Pioduran, Albay. The hometown of my wife Flor and her family. I will drink(…)

going to Albay

Coming monday, January 4, my wife Flor and I are going to Pioduran, Albay. We are going to celebrate the 95th birthday of my father-in-law on January 6, and my own 60th birthday January 7. Already several times we have celebrated our birthdays together, and there’s no reason to change it.

Preparing for New Years evening

Already several days a few youngsters in our neighbourhood are firing firecrackers. They start early morning and continue to do so untill in the evening. If they do it for the coming new year celebration or a belated Christmas celebration is not clear to me.

Emily, lizard and roach killer

Emily, lizard and roach killer

Flor and I would like to announce proudly that we also have a lizard killer. Dave from philippines plus has his mother-in-law to do so, we also have one. Not as feared as Dave has, but yet….