Me and my wife Flor,

Internations Interview

At the Internations Website, an International website for Expats all over the world with also a large chapter in the Philippines, some time ago an interview with me was published. The Internations interview can only be seen if you are a subscriber to this Internations Website. That's why I … Continue reading

Park, Rest and Dine, a cosy place

Just a few days ago Flor and I, accompanied by Nifty and Wilma, were visiting a nice little restaurant named:Park, Rest and Dine in the middle of nature, but very accessible along Marcos High Way. It was our Australian friend Nifty and his lovely wife Wilma who found this place by accident on the … Continue reading

Marriage in the Philippines

Many foreigners who wish to marry their Filipino fiancĂ©es do like to have the marriage finalized in the Philippines because the procedure is not expensive. But they should realize that sometimes it is a bit complicated. Aside of that the Philippines has many wonderful wedding locations throughout … Continue reading