candy’s and cigarettes per piece

On the streets in Manila and other parts of the Philippines, you will see a lot of people trying to earn a living in selling candy and cigarettes. You can buy them per piece. They usually cost only 1 peso or so.
Cigarettes also go per piece, around 2 pesos a piece, fire included ! ;-)

candy and cigarettes

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  1. I’ve also seen a smaller version of that that they carry around in traffic.

    Street vendors seem to sell virtually everything. Bottled water, fruit, newspapers and so much more.

    • Correct, In traffic jams lots of people try to sell all kinds of goods.
      Water, sodas, car seats, banners, plants, even pots and pans.

      I noticed that if a new kind of item is sold on one place, you see them within a day or two on lots of places. It looks if they all buy their stuff at the same whole seller.