On several sites on internet I have found a lot of tips and other useful stuff what you need to know if you like to buy a property in the Philippines. I have collected them and put them all together here.
I have changed them for better reading, removed as many faults as possible and checked some figures for the latest in the real estate laws and requirements. Some documents might describe more or less the same but I think the more information you have the better you will be prepared.

Be aware that law and regulations in the Philippines is changing from time to time. Always check if the documents mentioned here are still accurate.

Most of these documents are in PDF format. To view the documents you need Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it here

You can also right click and press ‘save as’ to store it on your computer.

In real estate adds you will find a lot of acronyms. Here is a list of the most used ones: Acronyms in real estate

Are your thinking of buying a house? Thinking About Buying

Make a plan before buying

Avoid making Common Buyer Errors

Foreigners can not buy a property easily: here is the Law about Acquiring Real Estate

List of the most known developer sheet (MSWord document)

All kinds of extra costs: fees and taxes

There are even Feng Shui Tips for Real Estate for buying or building a house

Six Simple Steps what you can do to ensure a smooth home purchase

Tips Buying Real EstateReal Estate in the Philippines

When building yourself, here are some Hollow Block Construction tips that I’ve found on a contractor?s website.

** When negotiating with a developer(or his agent) about the price: always ask for discount if you like to pay cash. A discount of 7 to 10% is normal. sometimes even more.

These documents are for information purposes only. Expatinthephilippines.com will not take any responsibility for the use of them. For more information please contact your Philippine Lawyer or a Licensed Real Estate Broker.