After renting our house for several moths now, we are ready to buy a house or a lot and build ourselves a house. Right now we are busy looking for a property to buy. We have been looking around where we would like to settle down and we have decided it will be or Antipolo City somewhere in the hills, or the Laguna-Cavite region, but not too far from SLEX (South Luzon Expressway).
The Filipino style of house building is not my style, most rooms are too small and the quality of plumbing and electricity is not always good. Therefore we are more looking for a residential lot where we can build our own design house and take care for the use of the right materials and the way of installing the plumbing and electricity.
Our wishes are simple: a well guarded and safe subdivision with easy access from a high way. Aside from that we like a good water supply, the garbage collection should be regular, no flooding and a good sewer system.
We have been inspecting already several lots and houses, but so far we didn’t make any decision yet. We have been checking the internet a lot, but also just drive around and look carefully at signs along the roads etc. We also asked other people if they new something what might suit us.

At the moment we are checking bank foreclosed properties. The advantage of these is that the prices are lower compared to private people who are selling their lot because they want to make a large profit of it. For example: We have seen available adjacent lots sold on Internet with a big difference in m2 prizes. Private people selling for 6 to 8000 per meter and a foreclosed lot very near for only 3 to 4000. That’s half the money and still negotiable, even if you buy from the bank.

An other advantage of buying from a bank is that there are usually no problems with the title and other documents. A good site to get some tips on how to acquire a foreclosed lot (or house and lot) is: