brad_pittWe all know the famous actor Brad Pitt.
Many Filipinos must love this actor for his looks or maybe because of his acting.
Let the Filipinas speak for themselves.

It’s not Brad Pitt where I’m writing about today. It is about what Filipinos can do with such a famous name.

brod-peteThe Philippines also has a (only in the Philippines) (world-)famous (comedy) actor. His name is Isko Salvador, but he is better known as Brod Pete.
He is a co-host in a Philippine Bingo TV show hosted by ABS-CBN as a side kick to Chris Aquino. In this show, but probably also in theater shows his stage name is pronounced as Brad Pitt.
I wonder why he couldn’t choose a more original name. Maybe it was his manager who choose the name for him.

corner_ptuazon-kalantiawBut in Cubao, on the corner of P.Tuazon Blvd and Kalantiaw is the name of our famous american actor used for something different, and very creative.
On the corner of the mentioned street is a bread shop named: Bread Pit.

They apparently do not only sell bread; but also Coca-Cola and cigarettes, if you can believe their signs.

bread_pit  bread_pit_bakeryI keep on publishing remarkable pictures and stories on this website. So come back regularly.
(added 2011: The name of the store has gone, doesn’t exist anymore. A new owner doesn’t sell bread anymore and changed the name)