Last January 6, my father-in-law and myself were celebrating our birthday. Pay (as my father in law is called by us) was born in 1915 so he became 95. Myself I was born in 1950 and celebrated my 60th birthday on January 7. A big party was organized by my wife and her siblings.
the celebrants
To feed the many guests two pigs were butchered and cooked into several fine dishes. The two heads of the pigs were cooked separately (into the oven to make a kind of “lechon”) and displayed on the main table.

The front garden and side garden of the house were not big enough to seat all the guests (more than 100). The street in front of the house was changed into party area too and a large disco was installed complete with disco lights.

It is very common in the Philippines to just use the street if your house or garden is not big enough to attend to all your guests. If a car or tricycle has to pass the area they just do it very carefully and slow, smile and continue what they are doing. Dancing people just step aside a little so the vehicle can pass and continue dancing.

Around 4.00 PM the village priest came to celebrate mass in the house. He told me to have a special permit from his bishop to do so for the celebrants 95th birthday. Of course the priest was invited to stay for the party later on.
holy mass in the house

After mass Pay had to blow the candles put on the cake.

After this the food was served to all guests, neighbors, friends and others. In the mean time the disco started to play. Filipinos like loud music for some reason, with a lot of bass in it. They play it that loud that it is impossible to understand eachother in talking. We even asked the disc-jockey to lower the volume a few times.
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