Begging children you will find all over the Philippines. More in bigger cities than in the provinces. They usually live in the streets as well. But also sometimes they are send to beg by their parents. Why isn’t anyone doing something against it?child begging to every passing car in traffic jam
They just ask every car driver in a traffic jam and usually hold a plastic coffee cup or a tin can, knocking on your window and ask for money. At busy places you also see them sitting on the side of the street, watching at everybody passing and asking to give them some money.
(the pictures here I stole from various sites on internet, I don’t dare to take pictures myself of those children)
See a page about street children in the Philippines

Seeing those children, my thoughts are going to Santino, a character in a ABS-CBN show, May Bukas Pa ( “there is still tomorrow” or “tomorrow is another day” or “there’s still hope”), shown on TV on weekdays.santino
When he was just a baby, Santino (Zaijan Jaranilla) was abandoned by his mother in a monastery. Santino was raised by the caring priests Father Anthony (Jaime Fabregas), Father Jose (Dominic Ochoa), and Father Ringo (Lito Pimentel). As a young boy, Santino will find a friend in a mysterious person named ‘Bro’ ( a living image of Jesus) who will help him change the lives of the people in their town. May Bukas Pa is a story that is set to open the eyes of viewers that there will always be hope amidst trials and difficulties. Miracles don’t just fall from heaven but comes to those who keep their faith.
See here an article in Wikipedia about the show.
sleeping in the street, probably abandoned by the parents
A few episodes already, Santino has been kidnapped together with a play mate by a gang who is exploring children. They live and sleep in a large old factory, not under the best circumstances. In return for a little food and shelter, they have to beg for money in the streets and they have to hand over their earnings to the gang after coming ‘home’. Those kidnappers are not very friendly to the children and beat them if they don’t listen and do their job well.
The present situation of Santino makes me thinking. I wonder if there are gangs existing in the Philippines already, who are exploring children like Santino.
I hope it isn’t, but this TV show might give some bad people an idea and start a business like this. I pity the children involved, far away from their parents and friends ….. and their parents missing their children so suddenly.
children begging in the street, parents often put a small baby next to a bigger child, hoping to get more money in this way
I’ve heard that there are several organizations working in Manila and other cities to set up homes for these children, to feed them, give them education but more important give them attention and love.
I don’t have addresses or web pages of these organizations, so if anyone knows let me know so I will publish them here.
little child sitting in the street and begging


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Submitted on 2009/06/05 at 3:16am
Yes a very sad situation. It is too bad the government can?t provide better services or at least birth control. Many of the street children are run by managers who take whatever they are given.
That is why I never give them money. If I feel the need to give I give them food or water which they will eat or drink right away. Then at least you know the child gets the benefit from it.
You don?t see them in the provinces except in towns.

Reply jan

Yes, a sad situation.
I?ve seen people giving those children food like crackers or so. But I?ve also seen that they just throw it away, because they only want money so they can buy glue and use it as a drug. Near where I live, children wipe the windows of your car and want money for that. That?s where I?ve seen it by myself.


Submitted on 2009/06/06 at 4:03am
Yes that is another problem. The glue addicts. If I give them food and they throw it away then that is their problem. I never give them money it almost never gets used to good purpose.


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Submitted on 2009/06/08 at 2:21pm
From what I know, most of begging children in Cebu are ?Tausog? ?Taosug? which is originally came from the part of Mindanao.

Reply jan

I am not familiar with the situation in Cebu, so I have to take your word for it.
The problem is the same, there are too many begging people (children) in the Philippines. The gouvernment should do something on it.


Submitted on 2009/06/09 at 11:25pm

Good day sir!
I just stumbled upon your website. I have not read many of your posts. May I ask why you decide to stay in the Philippines? It makes a Filipino like me feel proud that people from other parts of the world still choose to live here.
This makes me wonder what the department of social welfare does. In other countries, jobless people get pension so that even the poorest never go homeless. We’re not asking for allowances for all the needs, we just hope that we eliminate this kind of problem.

Reply jan

Hello Paolo,
If you read my blog well you can see that the reason I came to the Philippines is because of my Filipina Wife. After my early retirement we decided to spend the rest of our lives in the Philippines


Submitted on 2009/06/10 at 6:14am
I had heard that before as well. I don?t know a lot about them. From what I understand they are a displaced tribal group.


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Submitted on 2009/06/13 at 6:36pm
@jan jan,
the only problem is the dead government …


From Jan:

to all who commented on this blog:
It is very sad that the Filipino Government doesn’t do enough to keep those children from the street.
One possible solution could be that the police, in stead of trying to get extra money from car drivers like me, that the police should pick up all children during school hours and bring them to school. This way the police is doing something usefull, and the children are helped and get education.