On several websites and forums I have read that it is difficult for foreigners to open a bank account in their name in the Philippines.
Today I applied for one and there was no problem in getting one.

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I went to BDO near our house. I was asked to show two ID’s and I needed one passport picture. After filling an application form and depositing 5000 pesos I got my savings account on my personal name. I requested a bankbook and an ATM card to withdraw. For that reason the requested first deposit was 5000 pesos. The ID’s I showed were my Philippine drivers license and my 13a ACR card.

If other banks are that easy I do not know, but within 30 minutes everything was done. The only thing I have to wait for a few days is the ATM card. This needs to be made with my name on it and takes a few days.

So if you want your own bank account as an expat / foreigner, just go to a BDO branch nearby and just apply for one.