bandera espanola, Spanish flag in the Philippines

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canna-spp-two-colorsMany plants in the world are called Bandera EspaƱola. The reason is that they have the colors of the Spanish flag in it, red and yellow. In our garden we also have them growing.

The kind we have is the ‘canna spp’ also known as ‘canna lily’.
They have deep green leaves, grow untill 7 feet high and the flowers come is several colors: completely yellow, yellow with red spots, deep red, red with yellow spots, orange-red and maybe more. They are flowering a few times a year.
Some time ago I even spotted a plant which had a few red and a few yellow flowers, all in one plant. This must be a twist of nature.
Check out the pictures of this nice and easy plant.
Click on one of the pictures to see a larger one.








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  1. Hello Jan! I found your website by chance, while searching for the bandera espanola flower, which is one of the flowers that remind me of my childhood in the central Philippine area. It is interesting to note that a foreign national like you admires these beauties in my country (apart from your Filipino wife :-) ) and even propagate these flowers in your garden!

    Im at work right now and from my window, I could see this plant in a big pot with a single orange flower swaying in the wind.