When Flor and I visited Santa Rosa a few days ago, we went to the new “Nuvali” center where several shops are and a Robinsons supermarket. Of course there are also some restaurants, and since it was lunch time we decided to enter Chubby’s “Buffalo Wings N Things”.
It’s not a large place but can easily handle around 50 people inside and some others outside. What I noticed immediately when we entered was the ceiling of the place. It looks if it is not finished yet and just temporarily in the state it is.

american style lunchWe sat down and looked around a little while the menu was brought. I noticed that we ‘had’ to eat with our bare hands. It is stated on the wall that the products served, tasts best without using other utensils than your hands. This is something I do not like a lot, because I am not used to it, but it probably is the American way of eating their wings.
The real reason why they do that probably is another one: they do not like to wash plates, glasses and the like. At Cubby’s Buffalo Wings N Things they do not think of the environment. All their products are served in disposables: a plastic basket has a piece of paper where the food is placed. Glasses are plastic cups, plates are made of paper, forks and knives are plastics, and the napkins are placed on the table: a large pack of paper! So they do not need a dish washer, everything is disposable and thrown away.


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american style lunch

About the food we ordered.
half pound wings with rookie sauce and friesFlor ordered chicken wings with rookie sauce and some french fries. I ordered the fish and chips with white ranch sauce accompanied by a San Mig pale pilsen. It didn’t take long for the chefs to prepare what we ordered and it was served all at the same time (which is not usual in the Philippines, not even in classy restaurants). We asked for knives and forks and they were given at once.

fish and chips with white ranch sauceAccording to Flor her chicken wings tasted perfect and so was my fish and chips. Portions were large enough for us except for the french fries. So we ordered an extra basket of French fries.
This restaurants serves very good fries. They are not greasy, crispy and perfectly done.
Prices on the menu do not include service charge, but it is added on the invoice. They are adding 9% service charge on the total bill.

All together we enjoyed our fast lunch.
We paid: 517.41 pesos all together: 164 for the fish and chips, 134 for the wings and 29 for the fries, 49 for the San Mig and 99 for an extra basket of fries, which makes 475 together. The service charge on the bill was 42.41

The only disadvantage of this restaurant is the fact that they serve everything on disposables. A little bit more attention for the environment should be much better.
The place is probably owned by a foreigner because we spotted one entering the kitchen en ‘acting’ if he was the owner/manager.
I have found a little more about this new company on internet: information about the owners

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