about the one and only Jan, Expat in the Philippines

Hi there, somewhere in the world,
This is the blog of Jan, a Dutch expat who wants to spend is spending the rest of his life in the Philippines.


I’m writing here about my experiences in this beautiful country and my life in general. I also like to give some information for other people who like to be an expat in the Philippines, or who just want to move here.

I will also publish a lot of pictures which I take when going out:

  • from the friendly people of the Philippines
  • remarkable things I see
  • nice places I’m visiting
  • and other interesting issues

These pages are continuously changing, new ones will be added, some old ones will be removed. I’m trying to improve my website all the time.
Would you like to stay updated, just click on the RSS symbol on top of the page or subscribe to my newsletter.

My mother tongue is Dutch, and although I’m trying to do my best to write proper English, I’m not always sure if my grammar or spelling is correct. My humble excuses if that’s the case. Feel free to send me an e-mail to correct me.
Have a lot of fun… ;-)

If you feel like sending me private messages or ask something special, please go to the contact page.

There are people in the world who like to use content from websites like this one, and put it on their own website, acting as if it is they who wrote the story or took the picture. That way they try to make money with their FAKE website. I am trying to prevent that from happening by taking some special actions on this website.
If you like to use articles or pictures: ASK first !! I might say YES.


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about Jan van Dam
a blog about the live of a Dutch Expat, who decided to spend the rest of his life in the Philippines