The use of abbreviations in the Philippines is very common. They are used for practicaly everything with a little longer name or sentence, just like everywhere in the world. I have the impression that Filipinos are using abbreviations more than elsewhere in the world, but that’s just my opinion.
Official offices have such abbreviations where non-English foreigners like this Expat in the Philippines (yours truly) sometimes are puzzled what the meaning is. They are even used on TV and in newspapers without further explanation.

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    A few examples:
  1. DOJ  Department of Justice
  2. DepEd Department of Education
  3. MOA   Mall of Asia (one of the the largest malls in the world, located in Pasay, and has 780 shops + 300 dining establishments, several cinemas, bowling lanes, amusement centers, department store, super-supermarket and more)
  4. GMA  Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (the former president), but GMA is also a TV network
  5. GenSan    General Santos City
  6. NCR  National Capital Region (the former Metro Manila)
  7. and a very nice one:  Luzviminda. This Abbreviation is used  to name the three largest regions in the Philippines:   LUzon VIsayas  MINDAnao,  but I know that many women in the Philippines also carry the same name

If you have abbreviations and you do not know what they mean, check this wikipedia page.

I have learned already many of those but today I learned about one which is more common in most smaller businesses:  ATBP.
When I first saw this abbreviation, already some time ago, I didn’t question myself what it would mean. I was just thinking it was something like ‘& co’ or ‘Ltd’ or something like that, but just in Filipino, because it was always at the end of a name of a firm (at least I thought it was).
Great was my surprise when I asked my dearest today what it actually means and she explained to me:
ATBP = At Iba Pa and means ‘And More’ or ‘Etcetera’, nothing else, just that.

So next time you see this abbreviation you will know that this shop doesn’t sell Bulalo alone, or Lechon Manok alone, but also MORE = other stuff.